I often use technology to solve real life problems and use cases. When possible I like to make these solutions open source to the community. Unless otherwise noted, these projects are maintained based on my personal needs and schedule so they are provided for free with no warranty or guarantee other than they worked for what I needed them to 🙂

That said, I do provide support where I can and accept forks and pull requests as applicable in GitHub.

Mint.com is a personal finance tracker to help manage your spending and budgeting. While Mint does an amazing job at importing near time transactions, it does not provide the ability to analyze historical data. To circumvent this restriction, I developed a Mint CSV importer to batch import structured transaction data via the existing form actions in the Mint UI.

Technologies Utilized –

  • HTML Forms
  • Web Developer Tools
  • Python
  • GitHub
  • CSV
  • Curl

For a complete overview of how the Mint CSV Importer was developed you can check out this article –

AWS Glacier is a cold storage object store at extremely low prices. I love the Glacier service but the trade off is restoring data from glacier cannot be done easily or freely. To help non-developers take advantage of glacier and it’s low cost storage I created a folder level restore utility.

Technologies Utilized –

  • Python
  • PyInstaller
  • Tkinter
  • Boto3

For a complete overview of how the Glacier Restore App was developed you can check out this article –

One of the best new trends in internet media is adaptive quality streaming. This works by detecting your connection speed and serving you bespoke little chunks of a video rather than one big file that might load “buffer” too slowly. The tradeoff here is if you ever need to save a long format video like a webinar for offline use you are out of luck as it isn’t one file its thousands of little tiny files. The TS to MP4 Converter will take a playlist of TS files download them all and stitch them together back into a single MP4 file.

Technologies Utilized –

  • Bash
  • Curl

For a complete overview of how the TS to MP4 Converter was developed you can check out this article –

Ever needed to send out mass text messages or reminders? Try planning a wedding and following up with hundreds of guests for their RSVP’s or address info. With the Google Sheets Twilio SMS Integration anyone can send SMS Text Campaigns from Google Sheets.

Technologies Utilized –

  • Appscript
  • Twilio API
  • Fetch
  • Concatenate
  • Spreadsheets

For a complete overview of how the to send Personalized Text from Google Sheets you can check out this article –