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Business and Technology Expert Nathaniel Kam

As a VP of Technology and Production, I am a business and technology expert with over 15 years of expertise in developing applications, systems, and teams for scale and agility. In that time my business partners and I have seen some truly amazing things, realized some hard truths, and a shared push for excellence in everything we do. This site is in a small way a catalog and document of my experiences and opinions developed over that time. Want to learn more about my professional and personal background you can here –

My Mission as an Expert in Business and Technology:

To further the discussion and accessibility of technology and business from an executive perspective.

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Business ExpertiseTechnology ExpertisePersonal Projects

Business Expertise

With my experience directing and growing diverse cross functional teams in numerous divisions, product lines, and regions there is so much to cover. Below you can find planned topics on Business Strategy, Management, and Start Ups specifically. I will be covering each of these areas and more in future articles, series, how-to’s, templates, and videos. Connect on linkedin –

Business Strategy

  • Developing Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Reducing Cost
  • Pricing and Profitability
  • Business Models and Monetization

Operations Management

  • Governance Policy
  • Communications
  • Budgeting and Cost Analysis
  • Projection Modeling
  • Employee Life Cycle
  • KPIs
  • Agile Project Management
  • Product Management

Start Ups

  • Process Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Building an Organisation

Business Articles

Technology Expertise

Technology has always been a major part of my life. As a child I used to take apart clocks and radios to see how they worked. As a teenager building, configuring, upgrading, and troubleshooting computers for gaming was a common past-time. It only seemed natural then to move into the IT profession working in the areas of development, project management, systems architecture, and executive strategy. I have been blessed with the opportunities to head up major paradigm shifts like mobile, cloud, CRM, marketing automation, distributed computing, and AI/ML. Connect with me on github –

Technology Strategy

  • Developing Vision
  • Tech Trends
  • Agility
  • Resiliency and Reliability
  • Security
  • Scalability

Technology Management

  • Communications
  • Development Management
  • Product Management
  • Software Development Life Cycle

Tech Explained

  • AWS
  • Google Suite
  • CRM: SalesForce
  • Marketing Automation: Pardot, Hubspot, Mautic
  • HelpDesk: Desk, ZenDesk
  • Project Management: Jira, Asana, Pivotal Tracker
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Entity Relationship Mapping
  • PHP, Java, Python
  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • REST
  • LAMP
  • Git
  • and more…

Technology Articles

Personal Projects

Now-a-days technology is nearly ubiquitous, seemingly an inseparable part of life. See some of my personal technology projects around the house and in my personal life. Check out the source code on github –


  • Automation
  • Smart Home


  • Reviews
  • Demos
  • Tips and Tricks
  • How-To’s
  • FAQs


  • Reviews
  • Demos
  • Tips and Tricks
  • How-To’s
  • FAQs

Personal Articles

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